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Timothy S. Harlan, M.D.

If you've been reading our Health & Nutrition Bites for a while, you probably know that the fiber content of a food contributes to your feeling more satisfied after you eat it. It also helps prevent heart disease, improves your cholesterol scores, and may even help you gain less weight as you get older.

Fiber is important for diabetics, as well, as higher fiber intake has been associated with a lower fasting insulin score. Like whole grains such as brown rice and whole wheat bread, legumes are an excellent source of fiber - but they're also a good source of protein and other nutrients. A team at University of California at Davis (Appetite 2017;118:75-81) wondered if a meal containing beans would be more satisfying, both subjectively and in terms of digestive hormones, than a meal containing a non-legume protein. Essentially: was one source of fiber better than another?

Learn to Eat for My Condition

Zucchini SoupCoumadin (warfarin) Diet

This guide will help you manage your Vitamin K intake while still eating great food. Lists of foods that are high (and low) in Vitamin K, Coumadin-safe recipes and more! Get the book! The Dr. Gourmet Diet for Coumadin Users paperback: $19.95 + s/h | PDF: $14.95

Shrimp ScampiGERD / Acid Reflux / Heartburn Diet

This five-step guide to reducing the burn comes with easy tummy tips and delicious recipes to help you manage your reflux. Get the book! The Dr. Gourmet Diet for People with GERD / Acid Reflux: paperback: $19.95 + s/h | PDF: $14.95

a person pouring salt from a salt shakerLow Sodium Diet

Following a diet that's low in sodium (salt) doesn't have to be bland or boring! With these healthy, low sodium recipes from Dr. Gourmet, you'll be eating well and eating healthy without needing to reach for the salt shaker. Get the book! The Dr. Gourmet Low Sodium Diet: paperback: $19.95 + s/h | PDF: $14.95

Glass of MilkLactose Intolerance Diet

It's not unusual to have difficulty digesting lactose and needing to avoid foods containing cheese or milk. This index will help guide you to Dr. Gourmet recipes you'll safely enjoy. Lactose Intolerant Recipe Guide and More Information

FishDiabetes Diet

What is the best diet for those with diabetes? A Mediterranean Diet! For diabetics, eating well is THE key to controlling blood sugar. For those with Type 2 diabetes, The Mediterranean Diet seems to help you control your diabetes better, without medication. The Best Diabetes Diet

The Mediterranean Diet

Shrimp Taco Salad
What is a Mediterranean Diet? Find out how familiar foods are part of this healthy style of eating.

Ask Dr. Gourmet

Have a question about food or nutrition? Dr. Harlan answers your questions. Ask Dr. Gourmet.

Fast Food Guide

Burger and Fries

What are the healthiest choices at fast food restaurants? We've compiled a list: Fast Food Guide

Eat Healthy

It's easier than you think to eat well and eat healthy. Find out how to make eating healthy part of your life.

Healthy Recipes

Delicious, healthy recipes that taste great? Yes! Try an easy, healthy recipe from Dr. Gourmet today.


Learn how to make the most out of your exercise with easy-to-follow exercise videos and training plans.


Food Reviews

TV Dinner

We've reviewed frozen meals and convenience foods so you can eat well and eat healthy.

News You Can Use

the ingredients for a healthy fish soup

Get the facts - based on peer-reviewed research - on health and nutrition. We report on the latest nutrition news and tell you how you can use it in your daily life. Health and Nutrition Bites.


The How and Why of Eating Healthy

Place Setting

Simple, straightforward articles on eating healthy in the real world. The How and Why of Eating Healthy.

A Healthy Pregnancy

a breastfeeding baby

Pregnant or planning to be? Diet tips, do's and don'ts for your pregnancy. A Healthy Pregnancy


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Coumadin Book

This indispensable book includes:

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How Much Vitamin K is in...?

Find out the exact amount of Vitamin K (in micrograms) of almost a thousand common foods: get the paperback or downloadable eBook now!

Featured Recipes

Holiday Sausage and Mushroom Stuffing

This dressing was tested with Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free Seven Grain bread. For those of you having to eat gluten free, this has become a Dr. Gourmet favorite for making breadcrumbs and it works great for this holiday stuffing. There is a great balance with the pork and sage flavors and the richness of the dried mushrooms with broth that brings a lot of rich umami flavor to the stuffing.

Scalloped Sweet Potatoes

This recipe makes a great side dish for your holiday meal and is similar to one that I created after returning from Spain, where I had a lighter, but still rich version of scalloped potatoes. The yams don't absorb as much liquid as waxy potatoes do, so putting pressure on the sliced potatoes for a bit helps with absorption before baking. Slice the potatoes as thinly as possible - a mandoline is a handy tool for that.

Citrus Ginger Shrimp Stir Fry

I generally prefer eating brown rice. Not just because it is healthier: because I love the nutty flavor and texture. That said, I do like white rice and will serve it alongside a lot of dishes. This recipe, however, really shines over brown rice. The nuttiness and texture of the rice are a great complement to the shrimp stir fry.

Stir fry doesn't always mean having to use Asian flavors. The combination of ginger and citrus is perfect with the hot sauce and paprika. This dish is a great balance of flavors and draws from Asian technique and Southern / Cajun flavors.